Experimental Printing • with Stefanie Neumann

Sun. September 15, 10 a.m.—5 p.m.

Stefanie Nuemann looks at table with Kawumm's print
Workshop with Stefanie Neumann. Different printing techniques

Printing with Kawumms!

There is nothing more exciting than experimentation and the desire to do something – especially when it comes to discovering something of your own in art and graphics. This workshop aims to expand artistic expression and in doing so pushes the boundaries of classic printmaking.

In the morning of the course, we will dive into the world of drypoint etching and explore the variety of tools and techniques. We use a selection of unconventional printing media such as offset plates, milk cartons and plastic plates and zinc. Soon the first fascinating etching plates were created.

In the afternoon, we will expand our range of tools with a collection of exotic instruments. It’s a lot of fun to use all kinds of things that change surfaces. Tools for bookbinders, saddlers, car mechanics and even broken carpentry tools provide fantastic impressions.

Even your own body can serve as a tool by jumping on pressure plates that lie on sand and stones. The focus is not on perfect pictures, but on experiencing the creative process and the fun of experimenting. The participants will create unusual unique pieces that they can take home.

Metal parts for drypoint etchings
Tools for Etching

Material: Printing inks, printing gauze, paper glue and classic etching tools are provided.
Zinc plates, paper according to consumption, see price sheet

Please bring: Tools of all kinds

Sun. 10 a.m. — 5 p.m. with a one-hour lunch break

5 — 6 participants
€100 (incl. VAT) p.p.

Please transfer 100 € per day/participant to the course instructor before the course starts and pay 25 € for material in cash (paper, etc.) to the course instructor before the course starts.

Registration: Please send an email to stefanie.neumann.19(at)gmx.de