Beginner course in gravure printing • Printing folded cards

Sun. December 8, 1 p.m.—6 p.m.

An etching needle is used to scratch into an acrylic plate.

Participants will be introduced to the techniques of etching. By means of a simple drypoint etching, the principle of intaglio printing is made comprehensible. With simple tools, wonderful motifs can be created in no time at all, which can be printed with different colours.

This workshop is especially suitable for beginners. “I can’t draw” is no excuse in this workshop. The special character of the incised lines also lends value to scribbles. The embossing typical of gravure printing is also convincing to the touch.

Procedure: short introduction, preparation of the acrylic plates and paper for the folded cards, work on the plates, test prints, possibilities of correction, print runs and card processing — and the Christmas greeting cards are ready!

Material: 1 acrylic plate in DIN-A6 format is included in the workshop price, paper will be charged according to consumption. Consumables (paint, wipe gauze, thinner, etc.) are included in this bill, tools are provided. Current prices are listed on our price page.

4—6 participants

95 € (incl. 19% VAT) p. p.

Binding registration by bank transfer at least 14 days in advance to our account with the following reference: Gravure Beginner Workshop Month Year + Invoice Number

Registration: Please send an email to If there is still a place available, a corresponding invoice will follow with all the details of the transfer.

Cancellation is possible free of charge up to two weeks before the workshop starts, after that 50% of the workshop price will be charged. Cancellation less than two days before the workshop starts will result in 100% of the workshop price being charged.

All our workshops are family friendly! Parents can bring (small) children after prior arrangement. Let us know.