Print on your own at our studio

Tuesdays 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. and by appointment

Cotton paper with print of etched zinc plate and the same zinc plate with drypoint etching.
Zinc plate and corresponding prints, with aquatint etching and drypoint etching

Our workshop can be used by experienced printers after a short introduction. Beginners are recommended to attend a weekend workshop beforehand.

Our studio can also be rented for your own workshops. Prices and conditions are summarized on our price page . If you have any further questions, please contact us by e-mail.

Possible techniques:

Planographic printing / lithography
Stones in sizes ranging from 13 × 16 cm to 43 × 62 cm are available for lithography. Preparatory sanding must be done manually; Printing is done on a Sutter reamer press with a carriage size of 83 × 108 cm. The history of this printing technique as well as modern offset printing and the creation of motifs can be explained.

Intaglio / Etching (Aquatint, Drypoint)
Intaglio printing can be worked on in the printmaking studio from drypoint to techniques such as aquatint and line etching as well as copper engraving. Zinc and plastic plates are available up to a size of approx. 65 × 80 cm as well as artistic cotton print-maker paper at a favorable price. Printing is done on two etching presses with a printing table format of 82 × 120 cm and 40 × 85 cm respectively.

Relief printing (linocut, woodcut, letterpress)
For letterpress font sizes from 6 pt to 96 pt are available. Business cards, individual invitation cards and posters up to DIN-A1 format can be developed. Theoretical guidance ranges from typeface history to typesetting techniques, typographic design and press development. A Boston Tiegel press (DIN A5) and a pulling press (max. 52 W × 57 L cm; printing area max. 49 × 56 cm; max. print height approx. 2.4 cm) are available for printing.

Cyanotype (analog photographic process)
Both photo negatives and objects, materials, or stencils can be exposed to UV light and captured on paper or other flat materials In a relatively short time an interesting “impression” of the exposed original, colored in shades of blue, is obtained. It is possible to work up to the format DIN A3.


All necessary materials and tools (plates, paper, needles, paint, …) are available in the studio and can be used or purchased at a fair price. The number of participants is limited. Please register by e-mail or phone, indicating the required material, no later than Monday evening by 5 p.m.

Beside Tuesday evenings, we also offer studio use on weekdays and weekends by appointment.

All prices are summarised under price sheet.

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Phone: Alberto Gobber +49(0)176 434 461 64 or Mila Albrecht +49(0)176 596 300 12